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Our Features

Hand-drawn and hand-painted original art by Lisa Bousson.

All wall art will be custom-printed for you and shipped by a third party.


  • Multiple sizes of the same print

  • Optional surfaces (canvas, wood, etc)

Eco-Friendly Design

Years ago, I created wall art. I worried about every process along the way. From choosing the right surface, the color palette, prepping the surface, painting, post production marketing, etc. Today, however, with print-on-demand, I can create with full focus on the creative/painting process, enjoying the time spent with the color palette, crafting the perfect artistic piece to match my vision.

The wall art pieces you'll see here may be vastly different from each other. As an artist/illustrator, I'm inspired by many different things and what I choose to paint reflects that. Take the coffee art for instance. M-M-M, I love coffee - so created coffee-inspired wall art perfect for ;the wall or a coffee nook. At other times I may see a beautiful flower like in the crocus wall art. The crocus was in my front landscaping and the color inspired me to paint it. 

Please keep in mind that all wall art will be shipped separately from my hand-made, hand-sewn goods

There's a lot more to come, so please keep watching!

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